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Best Indoor Plants for Winter

As winter tightens its grip, outdoor spaces transform into landscapes of muted colors and frosty stillness. But within our homes, vibrant life persists! Indoor plants become essential companions, breathing life and vitality into our environments. Their lush greenery transcends mere decoration, offering a vital connection to nature when exploration outdoors is limited.

These botanical wonders aren’t just beautiful. Studies show they can significantly improve our well-being during the winter months. Indoor plants act as natural air purifiers, filtering pollutants and boosting humidity. More importantly, their presence has been linked to reduced stress, improved mood, and a sense of calm – a welcome refuge from the winter blues.

Here are the best indoor plants you should have delivered to your California home.

1. Peaceful Greenery: Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Peace Lily ($220)

This classic beauty boasts elegant white blooms and thrives in low light, perfect for winter’s shorter days. A natural air purifier, it removes pollutants and requires minimal care, ideal for busy lifestyles.

Stylish Birds Nest Fern ($200)

With its unique arching fronds, this fern adds sophistication. It prefers indirect light and moist soil, making it perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. Displayed in a pot or hanging basket, it creates a stunning focal point and a touch of natural elegance in your winter sanctuary.

2. Tropical Vibes: Exotic Indoor Plants

Gorgeous Verde ($100)

This California Croton boasts vibrant green, yellow, and orange leaves, adding a touch of the tropics to your winter décor. It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and enjoys regular watering with occasional misting.

Little Hope ($100)

Also known as the Philodendron selloum, this plant offers large, dramatic leaves, perfect for creating a tropical oasis. It prefers warm, humid environments and thrives in well-lit areas with indirect sunlight. Regular watering and misting keep it happy.

3. Elegance in Green: Orchid Plants

Charming Holiday Orchid ($100)

The Phalaenopsis orchid offers graceful stems and long-lasting blooms, perfect for winter beauty.  Provide indirect sunlight and water sparingly to prevent root rot.

Elegant Enchantress Orchids ($334)

These captivating miniature white orchids symbolize purity and grace. They thrive in filtered sunlight with moderate humidity and regular misting.  Add a touch of luxury to your winter décor.


We’ve explored a diverse range of indoor plant options to enhance your winter home décor. From low-maintenance options to exotic beauties, there’s a plant to suit every style and preference. 

As we embrace the winter season, let’s remember the importance of incorporating greenery into our homes. Not only do indoor plants bring a touch of nature indoors, but they also offer numerous mental and physical health benefits, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere during the colder months.

We encourage you to continue exploring indoor plant varieties to cultivate a vibrant and lively ambiance in your winter home. Whether you’re drawn to tropical vibes or the timeless elegance of orchids, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy. 

For premium indoor plants and expert guidance on selecting the perfect greenery for your winter home, visit Calabasas Blooms. Let us help you create a cozy and inviting sanctuary with our wide selection of indoor plants. Start your journey to a greener winter home today!

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