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The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Women’s Month with Flowers in the Corporate World

celebrating women's month with flowers

Women’s Month is a significant time to honor the achievements and contributions of women in various spheres of life, including the workplace. Incorporating flowers into the celebration can add a touch of beauty, appreciation, and respect for the women in your office. 

Here’s a guide to the best flowers to give or use for office decoration during Women’s Month, featuring fitting selections from Calabasas Blooms.

1. Empowerment and Appreciation: Roses

Roses are timeless symbols of love, gratitude, and admiration. For Women’s Month, opting for yellow and orange roses can symbolize friendship, appreciation, and joy, making them perfect for showing gratitude towards your female colleagues.

Calabasas Blooms Selection: The Garden of Fresh Roses arrangement, with its elegant mix of buttercream and peach roses, beautifully encapsulates appreciation and admiration, making it an excellent choice for office decorations or as a personal gift to the women in your corporate world.

2. Strength and Elegance: Orchids

Orchids stand for beauty, strength, and luxury. They are an excellent choice for celebrating the elegance and resilience of women in the workplace. Their long-lasting blooms also symbolize the enduring contributions of women to the corporate sector.

Calabasas Blooms Selection: The Elegant Enchantress Orchids offer a stunning display of white orchids that can elevate any office space, reflecting the grace and strength of the women it aims to honor.

3. Growth and Harmony: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas, with their lush and voluminous appearance, symbolize gratitude, grace, and beauty. They represent the collective growth and harmony fostered by the women in your office. Their full blooms can fill any space with a sense of unity and appreciation.

Calabasas Blooms Selection: Opt for the Serene Queen arrangement for your office. This selection, filled with white hydrangeas, can create a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for communal areas where the beauty and contribution of women are celebrated.

Serene Queen

4. Innovation and Positivity: Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright, cheerful, and symbolize adoration and loyalty. They represent the positive impact and innovative spirit that women bring to the workplace. Their sunny disposition can light up any room, making them ideal for lifting spirits and spreading joy.

Calabasas Blooms Selection: The Sunflower Delight is a vibrant choice that can bring a touch of cheerfulness to the office. It’s perfect for personal desks or as centerpieces in meeting rooms, embodying the warmth and positive energy of women.

Sunflower Delight

5. Diversity and Inclusivity: Mixed Floral Arrangements

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of Women’s Month. A mixed floral arrangement, combining various flowers with different meanings and colors, can symbolize the diverse contributions of women to the corporate world.

Calabasas Blooms Selection: The Pink and Peach Holidays arrangement combines hues and types that reflect diversity and beauty. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing the range of talents and personalities of the women in your office.


Choosing the right flowers for Women’s Month is about more than aesthetics; it’s about conveying respect, admiration, and gratitude for the women in your corporate world. Whether you’re selecting a personal bouquet for a colleague or decorating the office space, Calabasas Blooms offers a range of fitting selections that can help you express your appreciation and celebrate the invaluable contributions of women to the corporate sector.

Calabasas Blooms is committed to providing exceptional service and exquisite floral arrangements to celebrate every moment. Want a rushed women’s day flower bouquet? Contact us now! We do same-day delivery across California service areas.

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