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Family Fun with Flowers: Creative Floral Crafts for Bonding

Embracing the beauty of flowers is not just about decoration; it’s a gateway to unforgettable family moments through delightful floral crafts. 

Here at Calabasas Blooms, we’ve curated a selection of fun activities that blend creativity with the vibrant selections from their exquisite floral collection. These crafts not only provide an avenue for family bonding but also infuse your home with the natural charm of Calabasas Blooms‘ finest offerings.

1. Sunny Sunflowers: Radiant Crafts for All Ages

Radiate warmth and joy with sunflower-themed crafts, perfect for engaging the whole family. Begin your floral adventure by selecting fresh sunflowers from Calabasas Blooms‘ diverse range. Armed with construction paper, glue, and scissors, let imaginations soar as you create sunflower cards, paper plate sunflowers, or charming sunflower crowns. These crafts not only stimulate creativity but also brighten up your home with the sunny spirit of Calabasas Blooms‘ sunflowers.

2. Dazzling Dahlias: Colorful Creations to Inspire

Unleash your family’s artistic flair with dazzling dahlia-inspired crafts, featuring blooms from Calabasas Blooms‘ captivating collection. Explore their selection of dahlias in various shades and sizes to kickstart your creative journey.

With floral wire, tape, and vases in hand, transform dahlias into stunning floral arrangements or enchanting dahlia wreaths. These hands-on activities not only enhance your home’s décor but also cultivate a sense of accomplishment as your family admires their floral masterpieces.

3. Blossoming Buddies: Personalized Flower Pot Painting

Create lasting memories as you involve your family in decorating flower pots, showcasing plants from Calabasas Blooms‘ premium selection. Choose potted plants or flowers that your children can care for and nurture, then set up a painting station with terracotta pots, acrylic paints, and brushes.

Encourage creativity as your children paint colorful designs, adding their unique touch to each pot. Once dry, transfer the chosen plants into their newly decorated homes, teaching the importance of caring for living things while adding a personal touch to your indoor or outdoor space.


Floral crafts offer a delightful avenue for families to bond, express creativity, and bring the beauty of nature into their homes. By incorporating fresh blooms from Calabasas Blooms into these activities, you not only support a local business but also ensure the highest quality flowers for your creations. Whether crafting with sunflowers, dahlias, or other floral varieties, the memories made during these activities will last a lifetime. Gather your loved ones, ignite your imagination, and let the floral fun blossom with Calabasas Blooms.

Experience the joy of floral crafting with your family today and explore Calabasas Blooms’ exquisite selection of flowers to add a touch of natural beauty to your creations. Start creating unforgettable memories and shop now for the perfect blooms to inspire your next craft project!

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