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Flower Arrangements for Black History Month

As Black History Month begins, we honor the rich heritage and contributions of the Black community. At Calabasas Blooms, we believe in the power of flowers to convey respect, reflection, and celebration. This month, we’ve curated a special collection of floral arrangements that embody the spirit of unity, strength, and resilience.

Highlighted Flower Arrangements


Priced at $334, Eudora stands as a vibrant tribute to the diverse and robust nature of the Black community. This arrangement, named after the celebrated African American writer Eudora Welty, pays homage to the enduring impact of Black literature and storytelling. Each flower in the Eudora bouquet is selected to represent the rich cultural tapestry, reminding us of the stories that shape our world.

Glowing Dahlias

Available for $324, Glowing Dahlias brings a burst of joy and celebration. The dahlia, with its wide range of colors and forms, symbolizes the beauty found in diversity. This arrangement reflects the vibrant spirit and significant contributions of Black individuals across various sectors, encouraging us to celebrate these achievements with every glance.

Sunset in Calabasas

Offered at $210, Sunset in Calabasas provides a moment of reflection and hope. Its warm, soothing colors mirror the end of a day and the anticipation of a brighter tomorrow. This piece symbolizes the ongoing journey towards equality and recognition, urging us to consider the progress made and the path that lies ahead.

In Love with Autumn

At $360, In Love with Autumn is a luxurious testament to elegance and grace. The rich autumnal hues speak to the harvest of contributions from Black individuals throughout history. This arrangement embodies a sense of deep gratitude and abundance, offering a luxurious way to express appreciation during Black History Month.

Orange Roses Elegance

Lastly, Orange Roses Elegance, priced at $220, showcases the simplicity and beauty of orange roses. The color orange represents warmth, optimism, and energy, aligning with the hopeful and resilient spirit of the Black community. This arrangement is a subtle yet powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality.


Black History Month celebrates the present and inspires the future. Through our floral arrangements, Calabasas Blooms engages with its themes, honoring and celebrating the Black community’s contributions. Flowers convey deep messages, serving as a meaningful medium for remembrance and celebration.

We invite you to explore these arrangements and more, as a way to commemorate Black History Month. Whether you’re looking to educate, show solidarity, or simply celebrate the beauty of Black culture, let the flowers from Calabasas Blooms add a layer of beauty and significance to your observance.

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