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Gender Reveal Arrangements, Bouquets & Party Décor Ideas with Flowers

Planning a gender reveal party? Flowers can elevate your celebration from cute to captivating! Their vibrant colors offer subtle hints or a grand reveal. Imagine a bouquet bursting with soft pinks for a potential princess, or a display of bold blues hinting at a tiny prince.

Calabasas Blooms, California’s floral haven, is your one-stop shop for stunning gender reveal arrangements. Their same-day delivery ensures fresh, meticulously crafted blooms arrive on time, adding elegance and excitement to your unforgettable moment.

Significance of Color in Gender Reveals

Color is king (or queen!) at a gender reveal party. Traditionally, pink screams “girl” while blue shouts “boy.” But these days, the palette is exploding!

Calabasas Blooms helps you embrace any style. Want a classic hint? Their “Pink Princess” arrangement whispers “girl.” Feeling modern? “White Orchid Waterfall” or “Oddly Beautiful” with its peachy hues offer a gender-neutral vibe. Flowers speak volumes – subtle whispers or bold declarations. Choose blooms that reflect your joy and the theme of your party, making the reveal truly unforgettable!

Top Floral Arrangements for Gender Reveal in California

1. White Orchid Waterfall

The “White Orchid Waterfall” arrangement, with its cascading Phalaenopsis orchids set in a mint green vase for $310, exudes sophistication and tranquility. Its pristine white blooms offer a neutral elegance, making it a stunning yet discreet centerpiece for gender reveal events.

Why It’s Perfect: The arrangement’s neutrality and elegance are ideal for keeping the baby’s gender a mystery until the reveal moment, ensuring the focus remains on anticipation and celebration.

How to Decorate: Use this arrangement as a central table piece or entryway display, enhancing the ambiance with its serene beauty and keeping the gender reveal a captivating surprise.

2. Sweet Dreams

The “Sweet Dreams” arrangement, priced at $375, captivates with its soft, dreamy aesthetic, combining roses and hydrangeas that symbolize love and care. Its gentle hues and lush textures create a nurturing and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a gender reveal.

Why It’s Perfect: The tender blend of flowers represents the nurturing journey of parenthood, ideal for a heartfelt reveal.

How to Decorate: Position “Sweet Dreams” as a centerpiece or accent in the gathering area, complementing its soft colors with delicate decor elements to create a cohesive and tender reveal setting.

3. Oddly Beautiful

The “Oddly Beautiful” arrangement, priced at $665, is a luxurious and vibrant display, featuring pink and peach peonies with garden roses that add a dramatic flair to any announcement moment. Its rich colors and opulent design make it a standout choice for a gender reveal party.

Why It’s Perfect: The arrangement’s vivid hues and luxurious presentation make the gender reveal moment strikingly memorable and festive.

How to Decorate: Use “Oddly Beautiful” to create a focal point in the event space, perhaps near the reveal area, to enhance the dramatic effect and draw all eyes to the moment of the announcement.

4. Sweet Dreams

The “Sweet Dreams” arrangement, offered at $375 by Calabasas Blooms, features a soft and dreamy mix of roses and hydrangeas, embodying a gentle and caring atmosphere. This bouquet, with its pastel colors and lush textures, brings a sense of love and tenderness to any setting.

Why It’s Perfect: It symbolizes the care and love surrounding the upcoming arrival, making it an ideal backdrop for the tender reveal of a baby’s gender.

How to Decorate: Place “Sweet Dreams” in a prominent location at the party, like the main table or near the reveal spot, to set a serene and loving mood, complementing the soft aesthetic with subtle, thematic decorations to enhance the gentle reveal experience.

5. Blazing Love

The “Blazing Love” arrangement, priced at $534, features deep red roses and peonies, embodying passion and intensity. This bold and dramatic bouquet is perfect for making a statement at a gender reveal party.

Why It’s Perfect: Its vibrant red hues provide a striking contrast to traditional gender reveal colors, ideal for a bold and memorable reveal moment.

How to Decorate: Utilize “Blazing Love” to create a dramatic centerpiece or as a key element in the reveal mechanism, perhaps by contrasting it with blue or pink elements, depending on the outcome, to heighten the suspense and impact of the reveal.

Gender Reveal Party Décor Ideas

Balanced Thematic Decor

  • Use floral centerpieces like “Sweet Dreams” or “Oddly Beautiful” to anchor the theme, then enhance the setting with balloons, streamers, or fabric drapes in coordinating colors.
  • Mix in neutral decorations, such as white linens or soft lighting, to let the vibrant flowers stand out and keep the focus on the reveal.

Versatile Floral Accents

  • Place flowers strategically around the venue to create a cohesive look without overwhelming the space. Pair them with thematic elements like gender reveal banners, confetti cannons, or colored tableware to build anticipation.
  • Consider smaller, customized bouquets that guests can take home as favors, offering a personal touch that extends beyond the event.

Interactive Elements

  • Beyond floral arrangements, set up interactive stations like a voting booth where guests can guess the baby’s gender, using colored markers or stickers to cast their vote.
  • Create a photo booth area with a floral backdrop and props related to the gender reveal theme, providing a fun activity for guests and memorable snapshots of the celebration.

By blending Calabasas Blooms‘ floral designs with a variety of other decor elements, you can craft a gender reveal party that’s tastefully themed and enjoyable for all guests, making the day as special and unique as the announcement itself.

Interactive Floral Activities for Guests

Interactive floral activities can significantly enhance the guest experience at a gender reveal party, making the celebration more engaging and memorable. Here are some ideas to involve guests with the floral theme:

Floral Guessing Games

  • Set up a station with various flowers from Calabasas Blooms, each representing different baby traits or old wives’ tales about gender prediction. Guests can guess the gender based on the traits associated with each flower.
  • Have a “scent guess” game where guests smell different floral arrangements and guess whether they correspond to a boy or girl, based on traditional or modern scent associations.

Bouquet Assembling

  • Provide a selection of flowers in gender-neutral colors and allow guests to create their own bouquets. Include a few blooms in pink or blue hidden within the mix, and the first guest to find them can be given a special prize or role in the actual reveal.
  • Offer a mini-workshop on arranging flowers, where guests can learn to create their bouquets, tying in the gender reveal theme with specific colored ribbons or floral picks.

Floral Reveal Mechanisms

  • Construct a large, neutral-colored floral arrangement with a concealed compartment that, when triggered, releases petals or smaller flowers in the color revealing the baby’s gender.
  • Use a “bloom box” where opening the box triggers a spring-loaded shower of blue or pink petals, offering a surprising and visually stunning reveal moment.


Flowers elevate your gender reveal from “cute” to “breathtaking!” Subtle hints or a grand reveal – it’s all possible with Calabasas Blooms’ stunning arrangements. Imagine soft pinks for a potential princess or bold blues hinting at a tiny prince.

Calabasas Blooms is your one-stop shop for unforgettable floral moments.  Fresh, meticulously crafted blooms arrive on time, adding elegance and excitement to your reveal.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Make your gender reveal a picture-perfect memory with Calabasas Blooms. Visit their website or call today to discuss the perfect same-day delivert arrangement for your special day!

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