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Happy Nowruz! Celebrate with Traditional Persian Floral Displays

As the spring equinox approaches, marking the arrival of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, cultures worldwide celebrate renewal and the promise of new beginnings. At Calabasas Blooms, we’re excited to offer floral arrangements that capture the essence of this time-honored tradition, inspired by Persian culture and the symbolic meanings of various flowers.

happy nowruz

Symbolic Flowers and Arrangements for Nowruz

Nowruz decorations are renowned for their use of specific flowers, each carrying its own special meaning. At Calabasas Blooms, we’ve curated selections that not only honor these traditions but also bring the spirit of Nowruz into your home:

  • Hyacinths: Embodying rebirth and new beginnings, our “Daylight” arrangement features vibrant hyacinth-like embellishments, designed to bring the freshness of spring into any space.
  • Tulips: Representing perfect love and fresh starts, our “Tulips Kisses” bouquet is a testament to the beauty of tulips, bursting with colors that range from soft pinks to deep, passionate pinkiss-red.
  • Lilies: Signifying prosperity and abundance, our “Goddess of Blooms” arrangement includes lilies that are thoughtfully combined with other flowers to convey the hopes of a prosperous New Year.

Haft Sin and Floral Centerpieces

A unique and beautiful tradition of Nowruz is the Haft Sin, a table setting featuring seven symbolic items starting with the letter “S” in Farsi. To complement your Haft Sin display, consider our “Boston Fern” indoor plant as the perfect centerpiece. Its elegance and greenness capture the essence of renewal and growth, and the myriad of possibilities the new year holds.

Calabasas Blooms: Celebrate Nowruz with Elegance

Whether it’s through a specific bouquet that speaks to the traditional symbols of Nowruz or a custom arrangement designed by our talented floral artists, Calabasas Blooms is here to help you celebrate this special time of year. Our commitment to fresh, seasonal flowers ensures your Nowruz decorations will be as vibrant and meaningful as the holiday itself.

Explore our online selection for the perfect floral touch this Nowruz. With convenient online ordering and same-day delivery options in California service areas, celebrating with flowers has never been easier. Let Calabasas Blooms be a part of your Nowruz celebration, bringing joy and beauty to your home and those you love.

Happy Nowruz from all of us at Calabasas Blooms!

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