Dianthus Pinball Wizard

Dianthus Pinball Wizard Fast Facts

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  • Name: Dianthus ‘Pinball Wizard’
  • Bred By: Part of the Whetmans Pinks breeding program, known for selecting the very best examples from a vast array of candidates, ensuring that ‘Pinball Wizard’ represents the pinnacle of Dianthus breeding for ornamental garden use.
  • Introduced: As a new release, ‘Pinball Wizard’ represents the latest in horticultural achievements, offering unique colors and patterns not traditionally seen in Dianthus varieties.
  • Growth Habit: Compact and bushy, reaching heights of 30cm (approximately 12 inches) and widths of 40cm (approximately 16 inches), making it suitable for a variety of garden settings and container plantings.
  • Blooms: Features fragrant, double ruffled flowers that are distinguished by their wild pink and white speckled pattern, adding a whimsical and vibrant touch to the garden.
  • Color: The striking speckled pattern of pink and white on each petal sets it apart from more traditional Dianthus colors, providing a unique visual appeal.
  • Foliage: Exhibits the classic narrow, bluish-green leaves characteristic of Dianthus, forming a dense, lush base beneath the spectacular blooms.
  • Flowering Time: Details on the specific flowering period are not provided, but like many Dianthus varieties, it is likely to offer extended bloom times from late spring into early fall under optimal conditions.
  • Climate: While specific USDA zones are not mentioned, Dianthus varieties typically thrive in zones 5-9, with ‘Pinball Wizard’ expected to exhibit similar hardiness and adaptability.
  • Disease Resistance: Selected for excellence, ‘Pinball Wizard’ is anticipated to possess good resistance against common garden pests and diseases, benefiting from the rigorous selection process of the Whetmans Pinks breeding program.
  • Growing Classification: An exceptional addition to borders, rock gardens, and containers, ‘Pinball Wizard’ is also noted for its cut flower potential, with blooms lasting for an extended period in vases.
  • Origin/Distribution: Available nationwide, indicating a wide distribution and availability for gardeners looking to add this unique variety to their collections.
  • Blooming Season: Expected to align with typical Dianthus blooming seasons, providing color and fragrance from late spring through early fall.

Should You Buy One?

Dianthus ‘Pinball Wizard’ is a must-have for gardeners and flower enthusiasts seeking a novel and eye-catching addition to their garden or floral arrangements. Its unique speckled flowers, fragrant and double-ruffled, offer a playful yet elegant appeal, ensuring that this variety stands out in any setting. Perfect for those who appreciate the longevity of cut flowers and the vibrant charm of cottage gardens, ‘Pinball Wizard’ promises to bring magic to your garden with its exceptional beauty and performance.

General Carnation Care tips

  • Sunlight: Ensure carnations receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Soil: Use well-drained, fertile soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.
  • Watering: Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring and supplement with liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.
  • Pruning: Deadhead spent flowers regularly and prune back in early spring to promote bushy growth.
  • Pests/Diseases: Monitor for aphids and fungal diseases, using appropriate treatments as needed.
  • Mulching: Mulch around plants to retain moisture and suppress weeds, avoiding contact with stems.
  • Winter Protection: In cold climates, mulch overwinter for perennial varieties.

FAQs about Dianthus Pinball Wizard

Water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Overwatering can lead to root rot.

Yes, its double ruffled flowers are not only fragrant but also long-lasting when cut, making them perfect for indoor arrangements.

Like most Dianthus, it is relatively low maintenance, requiring basic care such as well-drained soil, full sun, and occasional watering and fertilization.

It is versatile enough for rock gardens, borders, and containers, thriving in spots that receive full sun and have well-drained soil.

It is available nationwide, ensuring that gardeners across a broad range of locations can add this stunning variety to their landscapes.

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