Phragmipedium Orchids

Fast Facts About Phragmipedium Orchids (Phragmipedium spp.)

  • Name: Phragmipedium Orchids, commonly referred to as “Lady’s Slipper Orchids”
  • Bred By: Naturally occurring; some hybridization in cultivation
  • Introduced: Gained attention in the 19th century
  • Growth: Terrestrial or lithophytic with a sympodial growth pattern
  • Blooms: Notable for their slipper-shaped pouches and long, twisted petals
  • Color: Varies from greens and browns to vibrant pinks and reds
  • Foliage: Typically has long, strap-like leaves
  • Flowering: Usually once a year, with blooms lasting several weeks
  • Climate: Prefers cool to intermediate conditions with high humidity
  • Disease Resistance: Generally resilient but can be prone to fungal diseases and root rot
  • Growing Classification: Terrestrial or lithophytic orchids
  • Origin/Distribution: Native to Central and South America
  • Blooming Season: Varies, but typically in spring or summer

Should you Buy One?

Phragmipedium Orchids are a captivating choice for orchid enthusiasts, especially those interested in unique floral structures. While they require specific care, particularly in terms of humidity and watering, their striking blooms make them a rewarding addition to any orchid collection.

Specific Care for Phragmipedium Orchids

Phragmipedium Orchids need consistent moisture and high humidity. They thrive in bright, indirect light and prefer a well-draining growing medium. Careful attention to watering and humidity is key to their success.

General Orchid Care Tips

  • Light: Most orchids require bright, indirect light.
  • Water: Keep the growing medium consistently moist but not waterlogged.
  • Humidity: High humidity, around 70-80%, is ideal.
  • Temperature: Prefer cooler to intermediate temperatures.
  • Feeding: Fertilize with a balanced orchid fertilizer at half strength every two weeks during active growth.


They typically bloom once a year, with each bloom lasting several weeks.

Yes, they can be grown indoors if you can provide the necessary humidity and light conditions.

Repot every 2-3 years in a mix suitable for terrestrial orchids, ideally when new growth starts.

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