Psychopsis Orchids

Fast Facts About Psychopsis Orchids (Psychopsis spp.)

  • Name: Psychopsis Orchids, also known as “Butterfly Orchids”
  • Bred By: Naturally occurring; minimal hybridization
  • Introduced: Known to orchid enthusiasts since the 19th century
  • Growth: Monopodial epiphytes with distinctive, long, and thin leaves
  • Blooms: Resemble butterflies, with elongated sepals and petals, often in shades of yellow, brown, and red
  • Color: Typically yellow with brown or red markings
  • Foliage: Long, thin, and leathery leaves
  • Flowering: Can flower any time of year, with individual flowers lasting several weeks
  • Climate: Prefers warm, humid environments
  • Disease Resistance: Generally robust but susceptible to common orchid pests
  • Growing Classification: Epiphytic orchid
  • Origin/Distribution: Native to Central and South America
  • Blooming Season: Can bloom at any time of year

Should you Buy One?

Psychopsis Orchids are an extraordinary choice for those who are fascinated by unique and striking floral displays. Their butterfly-like blooms are a conversation starter, and they can be a rewarding challenge for orchid enthusiasts looking for something different.

Specific Care for Psychopsis Orchids

Psychopsis Orchids thrive in bright, indirect light and high humidity. They prefer a consistent watering schedule, allowing the top layer of the potting medium to dry out between waterings.

General Orchid Care Tips

  • Light: Most orchids need bright, indirect light.
  • Water: Allow the potting medium to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Humidity: Maintain a humidity level of 40-70%.
  • Temperature: Prefer warm temperatures during the day and cooler at night.
  • Feeding: Use a balanced orchid fertilizer at half strength every two weeks during the growing season.


They can bloom multiple times a year, with each flower lasting several weeks.

Yes, they can thrive indoors if provided with adequate light and proper care.

Repot every 2-3 years in a well-draining orchid mix, ideally when new growth is visible.

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