Paeonia lactiflora ‘Miss America’

Paeonia lactiflora 'Miss America' - Fast Facts

  • Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Miss America’
  • Bred by: This cultivar was developed as part of the extensive breeding of Paeonia lactiflora varieties.
  • Introduced: It’s a well-known variety, though the exact year of introduction is not widely documented.
  • Growth: Typically reaches a height and spread of about 2-3 feet.
  • Blooms: Notable for its semi-double to double flowers.
  • Color: The flowers are a pristine white, often with a hint of blush in the center.
  • Foliage: Features deep green, glossy foliage that contrasts beautifully with its white blooms.
  • Flowering: Blooms in late spring to early summer.
  • Climate: Hardy in USDA zones 3-8, adaptable to a variety of temperate climates.
  • Disease Resistance: Shows good resistance to common peony diseases, but care should be taken to prevent botrytis blight in humid conditions.
  • Growing Classification: Herbaceous perennial.
  • Origin/Distribution: Part of the Paeonia lactiflora species, which is native to Asia but now widely cultivated.
  • Blooming Season: Peaks in late spring.

Should you Buy One?

‘Miss America’ is an excellent choice for gardeners who appreciate classic beauty and elegance. Its pristine white blooms are both striking and versatile, fitting well in a variety of garden designs. This peony is also known for its fragrance and robust growth, making it a rewarding choice for both new and experienced gardeners.

Paeonia lactiflora 'Miss America' Specific Care

This peony thrives in well-drained, fertile soil and prefers full sun to partial shade. Avoid planting the roots too deeply, as this can affect flowering. Regular watering during the growing season and mulching to retain soil moisture and regulate temperature are beneficial. A spring application of balanced fertilizer encourages healthy growth.

General Peonies Care Tips

  • Soil: Plant in rich, well-drained soil.
  • Sunlight: Full sun is ideal, but they can tolerate some shade.
  • Watering: Maintain consistent moisture, especially during dry periods.
  • Fertilization: Apply a general-purpose fertilizer in spring.
  • Pruning: Cut back the stems to the ground in fall after the first frost.
  • Support: Larger blooms may require staking to keep them upright.

FAQs about Paeonia lactiflora 'Miss America'

They typically reach maturity in 3-4 years, with full flowering potential.

While better suited to garden beds, they can be grown in large, well-drained containers.

Peonies, in general, are considered deer-resistant, making them a good choice in areas with deer populations.

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