Valentine's Day

5 Orchid Arrangements for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the epitome of romance and love, a time when flowers speak louder than words. Among the myriad of floral options, orchids stand out for their sophisticated beauty and deep symbolism. Orchids are not just flowers; they are a testament to the enduring and exotic nature of love. This Valentine’s Day, Calabasas Blooms presents five orchid arrangements that are sure to enchant your beloved with their elegance and allure.

1. White Orchid in a Gold Vase

Our “White Orchid in a Gold Vase” epitomizes purity and elegance. The pristine white orchids, arranged in a stunning gold vase, represent love’s pure essence and the precious nature of your bond.

Why It’s Perfect: It combines the simplicity of true love with a touch of luxury, making it an ideal symbol of your cherished relationship.

2. Snow White Orchids

The “Snow White Orchids” arrangement is a vision of serenity and grace. These orchids speak of a love that is strong, pure, and true—ideal for those who appreciate the understated beauty of a lasting bond.

Why It’s Perfect: Its pure white blooms symbolize a deep, untainted love, making it a perfect gift for a relationship built on strong foundations.

3. Pink Orchid Carol

For a more playful and tender expression of love, our “Pink Orchid Carol” is unmatched. The soft pink orchids convey admiration and joy, celebrating the sweetness of your love story.

Why It’s Perfect: Pink orchids symbolize femininity and grace, perfect for expressing admiration and the joy your partner brings into your life.

4. Merry White Orchids

Elevate your Valentine’s Day gift with our “Merry White Orchids.” This arrangement is not just a gift, but a statement of enduring beauty and elegance, much like the love you share.

Why It’s Perfect: It’s a sophisticated choice that represents a refined love, full of grace and dignity.

5. Woodland Orchid

For the couple that thrives on adventure and the unconventional, the “Woodland Orchid” arrangement is a captivating choice. It brings the mystery and excitement of a forest into your home, symbolizing an adventurous and wild love.

Why It’s Perfect: This arrangement is for the couple whose love is as deep and mysterious as the woodland, always ready to explore the depths of their affection.


This Valentine’s Day, choose an orchid arrangement from Calabasas Blooms to convey your deepest emotions and celebrate your unique love story. Orchids are more than just flowers; they are a symbol of love’s exotic beauty, strength, and enduring nature.

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