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What to Do During St. Patrick’s Day in Malibu: A Celebratory Guide

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St. Patrick’s Day is not just a feast for the eyes with its vibrant greens and lively parades; it’s a day steeped in tradition, celebrated with joy and community spirit. Malibu, with its picturesque landscapes and laid-back luxury, offers its unique spin on this festive day. 

Here’s a curated list of activities and ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Malibu, perfect for both locals and visitors looking to embrace the holiday spirit.

1. Check Out Local Events and Parades

Malibu and its surrounding areas often host a variety of St. Patrick’s Day events. From family-friendly parades that paint the town green to lively pub crawls for the adults, there’s something to suit every taste. Keep an eye on local community boards or social media for details on events.

st.patrick's day march

2. Host a Themed Dinner Party

A great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is by bringing the essence of Ireland to your dining table. Consider hosting a themed dinner with traditional Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, and soda bread. Decorate your space with green and gold accents to get everyone in the festive mood.

irish beef stew

3. Incorporate Greenery into Your Home

Refresh your home for the holiday by incorporating elements of greenery. Whether it’s through houseplants, green table linens, or simply wearing green, these small touches can make a big impact in setting the festive tone for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

4. Volunteer or Participate in Community Service

Refresh your home for St. Patrick’s Day with touches of greenery that transform your space into a celebration of spring and Irish heritage. Incorporating elements such as houseplants, green table linens, or even adorning your living area with festive green attire can significantly elevate the ambiance.

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5. Explore the Great Outdoors

Take advantage of Malibu’s natural beauty with a hike or a beach day. The serene landscapes and ocean views offer a perfect backdrop for reflection or celebration. Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors, perhaps even spotting a rainbow, a fitting nod to the holiday’s lore.

6. Enjoy Local Brews and Spirits

Celebrate in true Irish fashion by visiting a local brewery or pub. Malibu’s selection of establishments offers a cozy atmosphere for enjoying a pint and toasting to St. Patrick. Remember to enjoy responsibly and consider options like a designated driver or ride-share services to ensure a safe celebration.

patrons relax in a brew pub

7. Learn About Irish Culture and History

St. Patrick’s Day is rooted in rich history and culture. Take some time to learn about the significance of the day, the story of St. Patrick, and Irish traditions. Books, documentaries, and online resources can offer insightful information, making the holiday more meaningful.

In Conclusion

St. Patrick’s Day in Malibu offers a blend of traditional celebration and unique local flavor. Whether you’re participating in community events, enjoying the natural beauty of the area, or simply spending time with loved ones, there are plenty of ways to honor the spirit of the day. Remember, the essence of St. Patrick’s Day lies in community, joy, and the celebration of heritage, making it a perfect time to create lasting memories.

If you’re looking to add a touch of celebration with beautiful flowers or need the perfect gift bouquet for St. Patrick’s Day, Calabasas Blooms has you covered. Offering same-day delivery in service areas throughout California, ensure your celebrations are complete with a stunning arrangement that captures the spirit of the occasion.

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