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Exploring the Symbolism of Different February Blooms

February, a month characterized by its bridging of late winter and the early whispers of spring, brings with it a unique palette of blooms. These February blooms, more than just splashes of color against the stark landscapes, carry deep symbolism and meanings. 

At Calabasas Blooms, we cherish the stories and sentiments behind these February flowers, understanding that each petal whispers ancient tales and personal connections. Let’s explore some of the most symbolic February blooms and the messages they carry.

Primrose: The First Rose of the Year

The primrose, often one of the first flowers to bloom as winter wanes, symbolizes young love, renewal, and the hope of new beginnings. With its delicate petals, the primrose invites us to embrace the coming of spring and the fresh starts it promises. Gifting a bouquet of primroses can signify a wish for someone’s happiness or a gesture of affection towards a budding relationship.

While not a primrose, “Dreamy Baby Pink Peonies” captures the essence of renewal with its soft, dreamy hues and is perfect for expressing affection and the joy of new beginnings.

          Dreamy Baby Pink Peonies

Violet: Modesty and Faithfulness

Violets, with their vibrant hues and shy, heart-shaped leaves, are February’s birth flower. They carry meanings of modesty, faithfulness, and spiritual wisdom. A gift of violets might symbolize a pledge of loyalty or an appreciation of someone’s virtues. In the Victorian language of flowers, violets also represented the message, “I’ll always be true.”

Incorporating the essence of modesty with its elegant white and purple hues, “Heaven Sent Blooms” mirrors the fidelity and depth symbolized by violets.

Heaven Sent Blooms

Iris: The Rainbow Messenger

Iris, named after the Greek goddess who linked the gods to humanity, stands for communication, wisdom, and valor. The flower’s striking appearance, with its bold colors and unique shape, makes it a symbol of royalty and divine protection. Presenting someone with irises can convey your admiration for their courage and wisdom or your respect for their accomplishments.

Though not an iris, “Elegant Purple Roses” evokes a sense of royalty and wisdom with its luxurious purple roses and refined presentation, perfect for conveying admiration and respect.

Snowdrop: Hope and Consolation

The snowdrop, brave enough to pierce through the snow, symbolizes hope, purity, and consolation after a period of absence or sorrow. It reassures us that spring is near, bringing with it the light after dark times. Snowdrops are often given as tokens of sympathy or as a sign of hope during challenging moments.

Tulips bring a similar promise of spring and renewal. “Precious Pink Tulips“,  with its gentle hues, provides a hopeful message akin to that of the snowdrop.

Precious Pink Tulips

Witch Hazel: Protection and Healing

Witch hazel blooms uniquely in the cold of February, offering not just a splash of color but also symbolizing protection and healing. This plant reminds us of the resilience and regeneration nature holds, encouraging us in times of recovery or in seeking shelter from life’s colder moments.

Symbolizing purity and tranquility, “Serene White Orchids” complements the protective and healing qualities of witch hazel with its elegant and calming presence.


As we admire the blooms of February, let us remember the deep symbolism each flower carries. From the primrose’s promise of new beginnings to the witch hazel’s offer of protection, these flowers speak a universal language of hope, renewal, and love. 

At Calabasas Blooms, we believe in the power of flowers to convey messages that words alone cannot express. Whether you’re celebrating a moment of joy, marking a new chapter, or offering comfort, let the February blooms speak for you.

Discover the perfect way to convey your deepest sentiments with our bespoke February bloom arrangements at Calabasas Blooms. Explore our collection today and let the timeless language of flowers express your love, hope, and admiration.

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