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The Best Rose Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

The Best Rose Arrangements for Valentine’s Day
When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, our minds often dance to the tune of flowers, and at the heart of this floral melody stands the ever-beautiful rose. With its diverse colors and types, the rose is a symbol of love that transcends time. While any rose is sure to be appreciated, this blog is here to guide you to the best rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day, available for same-day delivery in Calabasas and nearby areas.

Different Types of Roses

The world of roses extends beyond the familiar, classic red ones. While we frequently encounter the timeless beauty of red roses and other classics in various hues, there is a vast array of rose types that often go unnoticed. Here, we present some of these varieties, offering you a broader selection for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

1. Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face’

Captivating with its two-toned allure, ‘About Face’ is a tall rose boasting thick and sturdy canes. Its unique coloring is sure to grab everyone’s attention. After all the goal is to make your loved one impressed on Valentine’s day.

2. Rosa ‘Bonica’

Adorned with soft pink double blooms, ‘Bonica’ is not only a visual delight but also an easy-to-grow and disease-resistant rose variety. Because of it’s charming color it is true that this type of Rose will make your loved one happy this Hearts day.

3. Rosa Floribunda, ‘Cherry Parfait’

A visual masterpiece, ‘Cherry Parfait’ boasts a delightful combination of soft white, cherry red, and dark pink, with a subtle hint of yellow at the center. Its uniqueness adds a touch of charm to any arrangement. Without a doubt this type of Rose is eye catching.

4. Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’

This climbing rose is a vision in yellow, showcasing a beautiful ombre effect from the inside out. ‘Teasing Georgia’ adds a touch of sunshine and of course elegance to any climbing structure or garden space.

5. Rosa Floribunda, ‘Easy Does It’

‘Easy Does It’ is a rose with a personality of its own, featuring unique ruffled blooms in shades of mango, apricot, and peach. Indeed this variety brings a burst of warm and vibrant hues to your garden, making it a true standout.

Rose Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

Selecting the ideal rose arrangement for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. To ease this decision-making process, we have curated a collection of the best arrangements that you may want to consider, particularly if you reside in Calabasas or its nearby areas.

1. Classic Dozen Roses

The timeless charm of a classic dozen red roses is always a sure bet. This traditional arrangement, featuring twelve long-stemmed red roses paired with delicately seeded eucalyptus leaves, has an irresistible charm that never fails to make someone special swoon.

Classic dozen of red roses

2. Stunning Red Roses
The pairing of red roses with a white vase is truly a perfect combination. In this chic floral arrangement, the timeless red roses find a home in an elegant, creamy white ceramic vase, crafting a stunning showcase of love and beauty.

The classic red roses in this fashionable floral arrangement are nestled in a sophisticated creamy white ceramic vase, creating a display of love and beauty.

3. Heart-Shaped Red Roses
For an extra touch of sweetness, consider the heart-shaped red roses—a perfect choice to express love. This lavish heart-shaped arrangement, meticulously crafted from the finest red roses, including spray and garden varieties, takes center stage amidst a delightful ensemble of Cymbidium orchids, radiant hydrangeas, and soft blush roses.

An opulent heart-shaped arrangement, crafted from the finest red roses like spray and garden varieties, stands tall at its center amidst an equally charming bed of cymbidium orchids, dazzling hydrangeas, and blush roses. All nestled delicately within an elegant wooden box

4. Because I Love You
Say it with flowers—this rose arrangement is a heartfelt expression of love. Its distinctive two-tier design showcases a variety of beautiful blooms, from gentle pink roses to deep red ones, all nestled in an elegant vintage hat box. Make a grand romantic gesture with this extraordinary arrangement that promises to leave an everlasting impression, embodying the depth of your affection.

Its unique two-tier design features an array of beautiful blooms, from pink roses to passionate red ones, and the perfect finishing touch - a stylish vintage hat box.

5. Pink Perfection
If you’re in search of a charming pink Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. Our expression of love features the soft elegance of mauve and burgundy lisianthus, deep crimson hellebores, and tender baby pink roses. All nestled in a chic pink hat box that doubles as a sweet keepsake long after the flowers have graced your space.

An expression of love featuring lisianthus in mauve and burgundy, hellebores in deep crimson, and baby pink roses. Presented in chic pink hat box houses that can be kept as a sweet memento long after the flowers have withered. In celebrating this Valentine’s Day, transcend the ordinary and select a rose arrangement that mirrors the essence of your unique love story. Whether you lean towards classic reds, playful mixed colors, or the allure of exotic rainbow roses, let your choice of blooms become a language that articulates the depth and beauty of your emotions.  Explore Calabasas Blooms today to discover the perfect rose arrangement for Valentine’s Day. May your day be adorned with the timeless beauty of roses, forging memories that withstand the test of time. Enhance your gift with a complimentary Valentine’s Day greeting card template from Calabasas Blooms. Simply insert a picture of your loved one into the frame or personalize the message to add an extra touch of sweetness.

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